I serve many of my wide-array of clients as a creative business strategist, project manager, art/creative director, and consultant and communications/marketing specialist.

My talented team and I serve as conduit to opportunity, success and realization, if you will.

Our role is to bring an objective and experienced mindset to our co-creative relationship.  We will advise, guide, execute and assist you in any way we can—by helping you solve existing personal and/or business challenges, and by helping you work smarter not harder—ultimately leveraging all opportunities available to you.

During our time working together, we will assist you in shaping concepts and game plans, and, where appropriate, carefully shepherd you, your work, and products to all the necessary people, channels and opportunities via our extensive creative network of resources and team members. Our goal is to help you build on what you have already successfully accomplished, create multiple options, and offer new insights that enable you to achieve what you desire for your expanding personal and business goals.

Depending on the structure of our working relationship, we will endeavor to help you reach a wider audience, generate and increase sales/income and expand the consciousness of your work throughout the world via business/product development, branding, messaging, ideation, publishing, licensing, distribution, web presence, product positioning, social media and with added exposure and extensive media coverage.

We believe the combination of our proven creativity, product development background, communications and networking skills, extensive hand-on experience, and a genuine enthusiasm for being of service, may be well suited to serve your project and business needs. 

On your behalf we...

• Think

• Explore

• Expand

• Refine

• Design

• Write

• Initiate

• Communicate

• Motivate

 and Execute at a high level.

Whether, it's a small project or large—a need for branding, platform building, marketing, advertising, promoting or product development—short term or long—we do it all. We are eager to explore how we may be a champion and valuable resource, personally and professionally, for you and your products or projects.

 Please introduce yourself and let’s find out how we might work together. Please contact us to explore how we might be of service.



 "It is the artist who tries to gradually accustom people to the possibilities of a better state of things.”

― C.A. Dawson Scott

Having clarity of purpose and intention sets the course of travel for the creative process. Holding a vision of what will come from the collaboration of you, the client, and injoi Creative is what allows us to share in manifesting a blueprint that enables us to bring your concepts and ideas to successful fruition.


"Everything is design. Everything!"

— Paul Rand

It's simple. As someone once said, you don't get a second chance to make a first impression. So true. Given today's busy world, and so many people, projects and products competing for everyone's time, energy and money—what looks good often garners a 2nd look, and hopefully and 3rd and 4th, and so on. We believe marrying the intention with a personalized esthetic is where it's at. The process and experience becomes truth in evolution—concept, design and execution. We further believe in truth, and in promoting clear communication via thoughtful words and images. Allow us to  bring your vision to reality. We want you to look good, and garner that desired 2nd look. Please visit our portfolio page on this website to see some of our creative work. 


"A business is successful to the extent that it provides a product or service that contributes to happiness in all of its forms."

—Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

You will be directly involved in the process of creating your product—in tandem with us—from start to finish. From a development perspective, no product or project is too big or too small. If you need it done, we want to be part of your creative team and process, and help make it happen.