Current and Recent Projects

In this section you will find images for recent and current projects that we have had the privilege to work on, for some of our amazing clients!


With a book it's initially all about the look. The look and title are what compel people to pick it up and peruse its pages. We want people picking up your book. We can help make that happen.


Music is all about sound. But the artist and their "sound" needs to be accurately conveyed in the CD packaging.  We love music. We blast it while we create, and yes,  even on occasion, get up and dance. And we love making music 'look" good. Here are some examples.



Websites are your personal and/or business portal to the world via the World Wide Web. Millions exist, but yours needs to be unique, and represent you and your work or product accurately... and creatively. It needs to look cool, but work seamlessly for you, and, most importantly, for those who take the time to visit. We can make that happen at varying cost-conscious price points and needs.


Greeting Cards

Who doesn't like getting a card from a friend, colleague or loved one?. Card's convey heart, sentiment, ackowledgement and sometimes even humor. We love getting cards, and love making them even more. Check these out.

Business Cards

A business card is a bit of you and your business on a small piece of paper. Most people throw small pieces of paper away. Let us help insure that doesn't happen with your business card.


Who doesn't' like a cool looking t-shirt? We help you convey you message or created design so the world can wear it with pride. More images coming soon!


You brand is important. And so is how you communicate it to the world. Let us help you represent your brand and business in a way that helpful and represents you and your work appropriately and creatively.