What people are saying...

"Anthony is the model of a person who merges the invisibility of integrity with the visibility of ethical action. Anthony has served in many capacities for my corporation over the last two decades, but the main title I would give him is helmsman. He truly pilots my company, its endeavors, and always toward success."
—Cyndi Dale, Bestselling author (The Subtle Body, The Intuition Guidebook, Energetic Boundaries), speaker and intuitive consultant

"Anthony J.W. Benson has the wondrous ability to paint big picture possibilities and root them in “let’s-get-the-job-done-strategies”. His approach to product and business development is truly holistic—creative force, unwavering integrity, and results."
—Danielle LaPorte, Author and Speaker, The Fire Starter Sessions, The Desire Map, White Hot Truth

‘‘Anthony you’re an inspiration! Your attention to detail was extraordinary and deeply appreciated. I really enjoyed working with you. Call us anytime we fit in with your plans and we’ll try to make it happen. In the “field’’ of Show Business you are a beautiful flower.’’ 

—Florence Henderson a.k.a. “Mrs. Brady” Actress/Author/Performer, former co-host of NBC’s Later Today F.H.B. Productions Inc.

"Anthony, thank you for sharing your wisdom with me. You always set me up to look good… what vision and expertise you have. You are a Producer’s Producer. Thank you."
 —Neale Donald Walsch, Bestselling author (Conversations With God series) and speaker

"Working with Anthony is a breath of fresh air. On a soul level, he deeply respects and honors the creative calling in all of us. He clearly values the higher good that comes from a creative vision manifested from a place of integrity, passion, and goodwill. Throughout the entire process he has been my trusted steward: guiding me through the decision-making, nurturing the larger vision, and discerning the wisest course of action to follow as the dream births into a beautiful reality. Thanks to his high level of commitment, well-rounded expertise, and genuine humility I have been able to relax into knowing that my project is in good hands, and surrounded by the good grace of positive energy. injoi"
—Pollyanna Blanco,  Dancer, Teacher and author of In Rhythm With Your Soul

"Anthony provides an impeccable and valuable service to his clients in that he can help them clearly vision their business in a creative way. He is able to take them to the next level using his multi-layers of experience and vast expertise. He's wonderful to work with, as he is a high integrity individual who really cares about making a difference in peoples' lives."

—Deanna Minich, PhD, FACN, CNS, Founder, Food & Spirit; Functional Nutrition & Health Expert; Educator

"Anthony, Thank you to for your care, attention, and stewardship. The guidance that you have provided to me has always made sense. We are grateful for everything that you have taught us and shared with us."  

—Rainbeau Mars, Yogi, Health Advocate and author of The 21-Day SuperStar Cleanse

"Anthony is like one of those pebbles you find at the beach—so multi-faceted and unique that when you add it to your other rocks, it elevates the whole collection! In a time of over-specialization, he's the rare talent who can see the whole picture, identify the over-arching goal, and put the steps in their proper order—all while being calm, supportive, and inspiring! 

I especially appreciate Anthony's willingness to partner with me within my budget and in my half-formed state. Also, as a former marketing writer in Chicago who has worked with many writers and artists, I'm impressed by his ability to allow my creative process, rather than foist his own ideas on me. He really honors and understands every crucial step in bringing ideas to life. Get Anthony on your team. He's absolutely worth hanging on to! "
—Tammy Letherer, Author and Spiritual Coach at

"It's always a delight to work with Anthony. We've edited several books for him and the experience has always been great. Integrity is his watchword, so I know I can trust him to be upfront about what he needs and respectful of our part in the equation of whatever creative project he brings our way. He's a diligent problem solver when "stuff happens," and when a project is in the flow, he keeps it light and fun, just the way I like to work. Work does not have to feel like work when Anthony's in the picture!"
—Sheridan McCarthy, President at Meadowlark Publishing Services

"Working with Anthony J.W. Benson gave me the clarity I needed to create my personal “brand”. His experience working with some of the best names in this space gave me the confidence I needed to move forward with our work. Many coaches help are so broad in who they serve.. .to those selling billy-wickets to organizing closets. Anthony wasn’t giving me the same advice dressed in different verbiage, and the results were meaningful and measurable both personally and professionally."
—Gina Spriggs, Author, Holistic Intuitive and Mentor

"Anthony is a man with big ideas as well as the means so carry them out. I have worked with him on projects involving multiple players and he handled communication and task delegation like a total pro. If it weren't for him not only would everyone get totally stressed but the overall creative vision would have suffered greatly. It's rare to find someone who is able to walk that line so effortlessly. He is genuine, motivated, caring, talented, and above all, passionate about what he does. When searching for someone who will give your vision its best chance at success, look no further because you've found him!"
—Lindsay Sanchez, Graphic Designer

"Anthony is a wonderful person to have on your team for any creative or spiritual business that needs the extra dimension of heart-based wisdom combined with a great flair for style."
Miriam Knight, Founder at New Consciousness Media Network

"I've created 500+ music CDs for Genius Products in the 4 years I worked there, and I always looked forward to working on CDs that Anthony was producing. He has the natural instinct and understanding of the type of music and singers/songwriters that belonged together on the variety of themed CDs we created. We even wrote the sales copy on the back of the jewel case together; and Anthony wanted make sure it was concise enough, yet keep the artistic flair needed to pull the buyer in. He just KNOWS what is best for each CD"
—Pam Brown, Lifestyle Branding Design for Print, Digital & Web

"Anthony is an amazing one-man multi-media convergence resource.”
—Brian Hilliard, Dharma Dreams

"Anthony, thanks for all the great work you did on behalf of School of Rock. I love your creativity. I like the way that you use technology but don't rely on technology. Perhaps most of all, I love your calm demeanor. Through that calmness screams an energy that seemingly fuels your great ideas. Your ability to ask the right questions to get at the heart of the goal is terrific and your focus on that goal is much appreciated. You have a fresh perspective on everything. I hope we have a chance to work together again."

—Stacey Marmolejo, Owner, School of Rock Music

"Anthony knows how to go to the root of a dream and help you choose which seeds will take and in which environment the prettiest flowers will bloom. He has a real green-thumb in the garden of soul. He is someone I trust and respect and besides that he has so much integrity that it is impossible not to feel completely confident and excited about the journey ahead. I truly believe that Anthony is the key I was missing and look forward to a great new adventure working together!"
—Pamela McNeill, Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artist/Music Teacher

"The sign above his door should read: Anthony J.W. Benson Creativity Specialist. From his great eye for detail in design to his tremendous ability to get the job done on time and on budget, Anthony will have you covered—left and right brain. Above all, he is passionate about helping people realize their creative, personal and professional potential, and that passion is infectious. I’m grateful our paths have crossed in this lifetime"
—Wendy Kamenoff, Actress/Comedienne/Playwright

"Anthony J.W. Benson is an unusual combination of things. He’s extremely creative in everything he does, but, intuitively knows how to put a budget, timeline & action plan to that creativity. Anthony looks for a way to make a difference with every project he takes on but never loses sight that the “business end of making a difference” has to be successful or nobody wins.  He intuitively knows what people want. Anthony is also a beautiful and gifted writer! Whether he’s writing for a book, magazine, music review or copy for a laundry detergent ad, his prose is insightful, poignant & impactful. Most important of all to me, Anthony has a kind, caring heart. He sincerely wants to “serve" any client he works with. It’s not “what can I get”? it’s “what can I give”? He’s wise enough to know that this philosophy will leave him peaceful & fulfilled, and besides that….”It’s just good business."
—Jimmy Brandmeier, President, 180 Music

"You, Anthony, are an “expert.” But you knew that already, didn't you? Once again, thanks for your willingness to “show up” and for helping to open up all of our consciousness’. Be well! Peace."
—Joy Cain, Essence Magazine

"Anthony Benson exudes warmth and positivity. He inspires people to work together as a team and his leadership qualities ensure that each member of that team feels respected and valued. Thus whatever needs to be done gets done without conflict or stress. Anthony is creative and business like at the same time, he knows how to work with artists but can also "close the deal" when needs be. This is a rare quality and ensures his success in whatever he puts his hand to...he's also great fun to have around and attracts wonderful people to him like a magnet."
—Lucinda Drayton, Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artist, Blissful Records

‘‘Anthony J.W. Benson, the Producer, Director, Publicist and right arm. Without you this project would never have happened. You are as much of this show as I am. If the Beatles had reunited they couldn’t have received better publicity and promotion than I did for my one-woman show,

—Lizz Winstead, Actress/Writer/Radio Host- Unfiltered on Air America, Comedy Central's The Daily Show, HBO, MTV, A&E's Evening at the Improv

"It has not been the norm in my experience with the music biz to encounter a soul as deeply rooted in the ‘big picture,’ as nurturing to the artist, as patient with the universal flow as is the soul of Anthony J.W. Benson. Whatever Anthony does, he brings full devotion, love, expertise, and immense joy. (Maybe it’s all the soy chai lattes…) He has been very instrumental in helping to bring my career and entire artistic process to the next level. I consider myself lucky to call him a friend and colleague for life."
—Holly Long, Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artist
"Anthony is one of those rare human beings who combines high levels of creativity with getting the job done! He is clearly driven by a high sense of purpose and well-defined values that are used in ‘service of humanity.’ What I’ve most appreciated about working with Anthony is his unfailing belief in our joint efforts and his commitment to seeing unique projects come to fruition in ways that benefit our world."
—Nikki de Carteret, International speaker and author of Soul Power

"I have worked with Anthony J.W. Benson for many years and in many capacities. I can honestly say that there is no one more in tune with creativity and detail than him. Anthony leads with honesty, integrity and compassion, and I look forward to each time we get the opportunity to work together."
—Patty Peterson, Singer, Entertainer, and Radio Talk Show Host

"Anthony receives great joy in helping others manifest their dreams. He is a master at connecting like-minded people and is always looking for ways to benefit the people he works with and cares about."
—Margaret Paul, Ph.D., Co-creator of Inner Bonding and co-author of Do I Have To Give Up Me To Be Loved By You? author of Do I Have To Give Up Me To Be Loved By God? and Inner Bonding.

"Anthony is an absolute pleasure to work with—professional, personable, supportive, perceptive, fair, and kind. From our first conversation, he built trust and made me feel comfortable and confident. He is open to suggestions and ideas, in addition to bringing his own; I respect his balance of openness and decisiveness, and he has shown good intuition about when to apply each. His encouragement, insight, humor, and breadth as a person and in terms of  the creative experience all feed his ability to get people working in harmony. He knows how to pick the right people and get the best out of them. He's generous and positive, and all of his qualities really come into play while working with hime. I've had great experiences working with him, and I look forward to a much longer journey together."
—Nicholas Markos, Recording Artist, Owner/Tie Records

“Anthony takes care of business, and is absolutely serious about what he does. His input has always been insightful, progressive, aggressive, thoughtful and artistic. A perfect blend for what the creative soul needs!"
—St. Paul (a.ka. Paul Peterson), Singer/songwriter/recording artist/producer (solo artist, Fdeluxe and former member of the R&B group The Time) 

“Anthony, what a cool, wonderful presence you are. Thank you for organizing us all! It’s a pleasure working with you. Your willingness to jump in and manage all the creative chaos added tremendous value to our lives and the event. Thank you for your quiet, supportive presence.’’
—Pamela Diamond/Rose Goehring, Co-Chairs–The Martini Club/DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting Aids

"Anthony J.W. Benson is a Master at connecting people in the new consciousness. He has created amazing events that attract people from around the world to come and exchange ideas and that can create a new paradigm in a practical way and bring about change. He is a major key figure in the transformation of humanity and I feel fortunate to have worked with him. He has produced some of my music CDs with me as well as my autobiographical book and the feedback I always get is the best! I wish him only the very best and celebrate his unique creativity and his innovative Spirit! Thank you Anthony!!!"
—Bettine Clemen, renowned flautist, recording artist, and author of Open Your Years to Love

‘‘As a writer for a publicity magazine for the radio and television industry, and now as a senior editor for a trade magazine for the advertising industry, I have found Anthony J.W. Benson to be an essential resource. In the years that I have known Anthony, he has proven himself to be one of the most professional, knowledgeable and effective people I have come across in the field. The breadth of his expertise and creativity never cease to amaze me, and he always seems to know exactly which avenues to take to illicit the greatest response, and the best ways to execute his ideas. Utilizing Anthony’s skills on a project–whether it be as a consultant, writer or publicist–would undoubtedly be an invaluable and integral part of making any venture a success. I’ve come to realize that his talents are multi-faceted, and that there’s very little he can’t do–and do very well.”
—Michele Bell, Senior Editor, ASI

"Everything you do is so very professional and top quality.’’
—Mary Beth Carlson, Pianist, Recording Artist and Author

"Anthony J.W. Benson was a key member of my creative team for the stage production of MAN IN THE BATH. Anthony excelled in that capacity. Due in large part to his efforts, the production was a resounding success. I would gladly recommend Anthony in any capacity that requires imagination, creativity, and communication skills.’’
—Frank Kinikin, Producer/Director/Writer, Fire in the Lake Development