"When it comes to getting the word out, we don't miss a beat."


In the era of sensory assault and the barrage of attention seeking efforts to garner ones' attention, there is a din of visual and audio bombardment. So how do you get your message, your ideas, your products, to find, let alone, connect with an audience?

Therein lies the riddle.

How does one separate from the pack and ultimately create individuality, encourage interest and compel audience interaction?

It's a brave new world with new frontiers and new rules.

As a society we now connect differently by utilizing technology to bridge our interests with our lifestyle. Arguably, that's both empowering, and challenging. It's empowering that we have more and easier ways to connect to what we desire to connect to—people, products and places. But, ever-so challenging that the choices can be overwhelming, time-consuming and ultimately confusing.

Bang the Drum Communications believes content has supreme value, as does the intention behind its presentation. As someone very astutely once said, "You don't get a second chance to make a first impression." We honor the word, spoken and written, and improve image impact. We herald the skills, products, offerings and messages of those we serve.

Our clients come to us to bang the drum hard and loud on their behalf—thus garnering attention with the best of intentions.

Those we serve are talented, radiant, purposeful, passionate, creative and dedicated. We believe we are too. Thus we choose our clients and projects very carefully, so we can best, and thoughtfully, marry the intention with a unified vision.

We are at our core carriers and shepherds of the message—YOUR message—whether it's website, product, book, album or newsletter copy, press releases, as well as all forms of digital communication and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, et al.)

We love to sing the praises, trumpet the accomplishments, bridge connections and create a beautiful a cacophony of sound and vision on our selected clients behalf. Simply put we clarify the message and exalt the benefits... and most importantly bang the drum.


Please contact us to explore how we may be of service with your social media and digital communication needs.